10 Tips To Have Beautiful Grow hair fast.No1

1. Preparing to Make Hair Grow
The first step to grow your hair and get a long hair, is definitely a good preparation: when you decide to grow your hair, start by cutting all the split ends and damaged ends.
This is definitely one of the steps most suffered because you may also need to cut several inches of hair, but it is important to make sure you let them grow healthy and beautiful. And do not worry, it will grow back: hair grows 1 cm per month.
Vai a hair salon and ask a trusted cut, without taking off the hair (this causes split ends). In this way, your hair will be ready to grow and not be broken again because of split ends.
2. Regularly check the Hair
Once given the initial cut, prepared a program of regular ribs so that the hair will break and the appearance of annoying split ends. Try to check your hair every 6/8 weeks or less, if your hair grows fast.
Often, the hair is growing just because you break up because of split ends and are weak and damaged, so it shows no growth, and in this way, though, you'll be sure to always have healthy hair.
3. Talk to Your Hairdresser and Make it Your Ally
Talk to your hairdresser and tell them you want to grow your hair and need your help: you need a haircut that you are well and that is always in shape, according to various lengths to reach, not strictly marched to ward split ends.
In this way the hair will become aware of the situation and help you grow your hair and keep the situation under control, without proposing cuts short or too strange as they often do hairdressers.
4. Avoid Heat and Thermal Injury
This right is very difficult to follow, but it is definitely important to try to avoid hot hair dryer and straightener. Even if you use sprays and protective oils, excessive heat and dry damaged hair and will slow down hair growth because

5. Do not Use Chemical Treatments
For the same reason it is best to avoid the excessive heat on the hair, it would be best to limit or avoid all hair treatments and aggressive chemicals such as color, chemical straightening or permanent.
If you dye your hair, choose a natural finish or semi-permanent to find a compromise between hair health and appearance of the foliage. Do not forget that the health of your hair in natural color are more beautiful hair a shade but ruined.

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