Let your hair grow faster? It 'a dream or is it really possible?

grow hair fast
Let your hair grow faster? It 'a dream or is it really possible? ,Tips grow hair fast.
How does your grow hair fast.
The hair has a limited life span. In the course of life are continually being renewed, just like the hair! This process of renewal of the following cycles: 20 to 30 during a lifetime.
Our hair is constantly undermined by the daily rhythms, climate, unbalanced diet, products that are used to treat the pollution ... To promote hair growth, first of all you have to heal them up. Here are some tips:
1. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and alternalo necessarily with another delicate.
2. Do not limit yourself to nourishing masks for dry ends, to have long hair and beautiful you will treat them in their full length!
3. Take supplements and trace elements. To treat your hair, the ideal is to make a cure for three months with capsules or vials regeneration of trace elements, which serve to counteract the effect of seasonal changes. You can also take supplements of calcium, iron, magnesium salts or minerals, that really nourish hair from within.
4. Get used to rub your scalp. Do not hesitate to get massage or massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation, thus favoring their oxygenation: a new hair grow faster!
5.Change the brush with a classic natural fiber, preferably boars hair, and avoid too close to the head when the hair dryer to dry your hair!
Encouraging growth: treatments and Tricks
Hair grows about 1 centimeter per month. You can accelerate this rate with one (or several) of these remedies:
6.The Legend of the full moon for Grow hair fast:
It is the remedy grandmother's best known and which has proved its worth. If you cut your hair in full moon days, then will grow twice as fast! The Bogdanov brothers have not confirmed this theory, but it costs nothing to try ...
7.The yeast: there are treatments using yeast, natural and not harmful, that facilitate the growth hair fast and nails. Do not hesitate, try it!
8.The shampoo that accelerates the grow hair fast shampoo should be wary of "miracle" that seek to gain inches in three weeks. The question is: what components were used to get a result out of the ordinary? These shampoos, lotions and other compounds "magic" in general have only a devitalizing effect and dry hair.
Choose instead of anti-fall, do not overdo it though because, like all treatments, if you use them too often end up having no more effect on you!
9.The essential oils: mix 5-7 drops of essential oils of rosemary to shampoo to strengthen hair and stimulate their grow hair fast. It 'a healthy and economical solution! In the case of split ends, try to vary: argan oil, coconut, sweet almond, grape seed oil, wheat germ, castor oil .... All that is nutritious, good for your hair!

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grow hair fast