The guide to grow your hair long No. 2

6  Use the right accessories

Get rid of all the hair accessories that can damage your hair. Delete the circles drawn tight and the rubber bands with metal rods, plastic brushes harmful.

Select clips that work well in soft and flexible so as not to damage or destroy the hair. Choose a brush with natural bristles or a wide toothed wooden comb.

7  Eat with caution

Are healthy and beautiful hair, the result of good care, but also a balanced diet. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals and foods friends hair, but also essential fats such as olive oil. In addition, you will never miss the foods that are good for the hair.

Even supplements for hair can be a great help to grow your hair, especially if they are to consistently follow cycles that follow the seasons: spring and autumn are the best times for supplements to take for the hair.

8 Use the kindness and the prevention of injuries

Not always brush wet hair and wet, the hair is wet and fragile than ever, must be handled with care. Loosen the knot with a wooden comb, very gently, starting from the length and gradually to the roots gently to remove the nodes.

Accustomed to comb as much as possible, at the choice of wood and large teeth. The combs do not damage the hair as the brush and the hair is much healthier! Reserve the use of wood or brush with natural bristles to dry hair only.

9 Choose the right shampoo

Choose the right shampoo is essential for healthy hair and to make them strong and to grow well. In addition to using a shampoo ideal for your hair, be sure to shampoo properly.

End each wash cold water with a beam: So you can enjoy the beauty and preserve the proper growth of your hair.

10  Nourish Deep Coma

Use a hair mask once a week to nourish the hair in depth. Every time forgot, when you wash your hair, do not keep a balm to the lengths are hydrated hair.

Before drying your hair a few drops of oil on the tips to prevent split ends and nourish the hair. Even a holiday in cream is ideal for nourishing the lengths after shampooing.

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